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US clearly told China – Arunachal is a part of India, there will be no change in it. america – World

Washington. The United States (US) is also very angry with the continuing rights of China (China) and aggressive military actions (India-China faceoff) on India’s parts. China has recently declared not only Ladakh but also Arunachal Pradesh as a disputed area. However, now India has got America’s support on this issue. The US said that it considers Arunachal to be part of India for the last 60 years and there is no change in this policy. On the other hand, the US Congress has also spoken about taking decisive action against China.

The US Home Department has given a statement, ‘America has considered Arunachal Pradesh as part of India for almost 60 years. We oppose unilateral efforts on territorial claims through any kind of intrusion on the Line of Actual Control, whether military or civil. Along with this, the department has also said, “All we can say about the disputed areas is that we motivate India and China to resolve them through bilateral routes and appeal not to use the military.” Last month, when Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijin was asked about the 5 youths who had gone missing from Arunachal, instead of giving information about Indians, they had made Arunachal Pradesh a part of China. Lijin said, “China has never recognized Arunachal Pradesh, which is the southern Tibet region of China.”

US Congress report suggests decisive action against China
A report by the US Congress suggested decisive action to counter China’s threat, alleging that China was involved in human rights abuses and increasing military deployment and violated the sovereignty of other countries. This US Parliament report about China was released on Wednesday. It contains more than 400 policy recommendations to address issues related to national security, human rights abuses, supply chain problems, errors in dealing with the Corona virus epidemic, and China’s growing impact on the world scene.

According to the report, China is ‘involved in deadly skirmishes to occupy the land along the Indian border.’ The report endorses British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s proposal to form a D-10 group of major democracies (South Korea, India and Australia, apart from current G-7 members) to diagnose issues of 5G mobile communications and supply chains . The report calls for an aggressive information campaign by the government to respond to the misdeeds of the ruling Communist Party of China (CCP) in China to undermine the CCP’s “untrue and wicked” ideology of true and American values Use it.

China breaks international treaty
The report alleged that in the last one year, the CCP has broken an international treaty and denied Hong Kong civil liberties. The suppression of ethnic minorities including Uygar and Tibetan continues. China has increased its military force, provoked action for war, violated the sovereignty of other countries at sea. Has made deadly skirmishes to capture land on Indian border and has made new territorial claims on Bhutan. The report praised the State Department’s July 2020 statement, calling China’s regional aggression in the South China Sea illegal. It said the administration should have taken similar action against China’s illegal misconduct in other areas as well, including China’s activities around Senkaku Island and along the Indian border.

The report says that America should increase its advance presence and improve mutual dealings with allies and partner nations through joint training and practice. This includes bringing together like-minded countries like Australia, Japan, India and others and regularizing multilateral exercises. Mac Thornberry, a racking member of the House Armed Services Committee, said that China presents a unique challenge to America’s interests and security. All ministries and agencies have to come together to counter China. He said, ‘We cannot depend only on military force or our diplomacy.’

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