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US authority loosens corona recommendations for vaccinated people

In the United States, almost a quarter of the population has received a first dose of vaccine against the coronavirus. The CDC is now recommending relief for these people.

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The US health authority CDC has relaxed the corona recommendations for vaccinated people. Fully vaccinated people could henceforth receive guests at home without a protective mask and distance rules if they were also vaccinated, said CDC boss Rochelle Walensky.

Vaccinated people could also receive non-vaccinated guests from at most one other household, as long as they were not at high risk of developing a serious disease. Vaccinated persons are also no longer recommended to go into quarantine and have themselves tested if they have had contact with a corona-positive person and do not show any symptoms of the disease themselves.

The federal states issue binding requirements

However, vaccinated people are still encouraged to wear masks and keep their distance from others when in public. Travel and large gatherings are also generally not recommended. “We know that people want to get vaccinated so that they can do the things they enjoy with the people they love,” said CDC boss Walensky. Fully vaccinated people could now resume some old habits in their home.

A person is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving their second dose of Biontech-Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, or two weeks after receiving the one-dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. The CDC guidelines are recommendations for action. The federal states issue binding requirements.

More than 525,000 corona deaths in the USA

The vaccination campaign is progressing very quickly in the United States. 59 million people have now received at least one dose of vaccine. This corresponds to around 23 percent of the adult population. However, the USA is also the country with the most corona deaths worldwide. Since the pandemic began, more than 525,000 people have died as a result of infection.

Many states are nevertheless increasingly loosening the corona restrictions. From Wednesday onwards, mask requirements will no longer apply in the southern states of Texas and Mississippi. Experts warn that this could lead to a new surge in the number of infections – especially since new virus variants are also spreading in the USA.

President Joe Biden will deliver a grand speech on the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday. Thursday marks the first anniversary of the official classification of the corona outbreak as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Two days later, the then US President Donald Trump declared a national emergency, and some drastic exit restrictions followed in many states.

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