Urgent purchase of 2 ultra freezers for Covid vaccines

He National Institute of Genomic Medicine (INMG), decentralized body of the Health Secretary, will have the first two deep freezers for cryopreservation of vaccines such as that of Pfizer that require to be stored at ultra-cold temperatures.

Through a request for the approval of 636 thousand 323 pesos to the Investment Unit of the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit, the institute will acquire in the coming days the two vertical-type 19.4 cubic feet freezers that cool to -50 / -86 degrees centigrade for 400 boxes with solid doors Thermo Scientific, for the clinical and programmatic protocols for vaccination against SARS-Cov-2, which technically require cryopreservation to remain in storage.

In the last five days, 45,900 vaccines of this type have arrived in the country and have been applied among medical personnel in Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Quer├ętaro and Coahuila.

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In the official letter INMG-DA-769-2020 dated December 9, the institute indicates that because the health emergency What the country is going through is assimilated to a natural disaster. It is a priority to approve the resources without it being necessary to present the cost-benefit analysis of this investment project, that is, to dispense with this procedure.


Adriana Margarita Hernandez Marquina, Director of Administration of the Ministry of Health, details that, given the urgency of testing the new coronavirus, the INMG has carried out important work in the molecular determination of the presence of this virus in biological samples, setting an important precedent in its contribution to the social benefit of the country in terms of public health.

He adds that the chapter we are currently facing, without leaving molecular diagnosis behind, is the institutional contribution to the clinical and programmatic protocols for vaccination, which need cryopreservation to be maintained.

The deep freezers they have a unit cost each of 318 thousand 161.32 pesos, for a total expense of 636 thousand 322.64 pesos.

The official maintains that the institute plans and directs scientific research activities in genomic medicine and related areas, through the development of basic, clinical, medical and population genomics research, participation in the training of human resources and linkage with other similar institutions both in Mexico and abroad, in order to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge, technological development and molecular diagnosis, for the benefit of the health of Mexicans.

He recalled that, according to the General Civil Protection Law in its article 73, in case of imminent risk without prejudice to the issuance of a declaration of emergency or natural disaster (…) the agencies and entities of the federal public administration, of the Federal entities, municipalities and territorial demarcations of the Mexico City They will execute the security measures that are their responsibility, in order to protect the life of the population and their assets, the production plant and its environment, to guarantee the operation of essential services.

Therefore, it asks to proceed to the registration, in the Investment Portfolio that integrates Health with code 2012NCH0002, the request for resources. They intend to carry out the acquisition this month.

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The Pfizer vaccine, according to the laboratory itself, needs to be stored at around -70 ┬░ C.

This temperature equates to some of the lowest recorded in the Antarctica and it is much less than what any common freezer can offer, which means a challenge for the storage and distribution of vaccines, especially in remote areas and countries that do not have this technology.

As part of the distribution scheme, they are transported by air and land, and stored in distribution facilities to later be taken to local health centers such as clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and wherever they are administered.

These last points of the link represent another of the great challenges, since many centers of primary care Common ones do not have the necessary technology to maintain the vaccine for a long time.

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