Uranium enrichment: Iran’s regime is putting Europe under pressure

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Iran’s regime is putting Europe under pressure

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Iran's head of state Hassan Ruhani Iran's head of state Hassan Ruhani

Iran’s head of state Hassan Ruhani: His country has announced a further step in moving away from the international nuclear agreement

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Iran wants to enrich uranium to up to 20 percent in the new year. That is significantly more than the nuclear agreement allows – and another step towards the bomb. The country wants to put Europe under pressure.

Dhe Iran is increasing pressure on the West because of its nuclear deal. The country announced on Saturday that it wanted to enrich uranium to up to 20 percent in its underground Fordo nuclear facility. This would mean that Iran would only be one technical step away from producing uranium suitable for nuclear weapons.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed that Iran had informed its inspectors about the project in a letter. The country did not specify when it wanted to boost enrichment.

With the increased enrichment, Europe is to be urged to ensure an exemption from sanctions for Iran. The US administration of President Donald Trump withdrew the US from the nuclear deal in 2018, but future US President Joe Biden wants to return his country to the nuclear deal. Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas promised a “Nuclear Agreement Plus” in December.

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In the first agreement, Iran agreed to limit enrichment if it were to receive relief from sanctions. The mullahs initially stuck to the agreement even after the US withdrew, as the Europeans tried to maintain the promised trade – largely in vain.

In May 2019, Iran began violating the agreement – with a uranium enrichment of up to 4.5 percent. An enrichment of up to 3.67 percent was planned. Now the Iranian leadership has announced the further increase in uranium enrichment.

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The head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency, Ali Akbar Salehi, told state television: “We are like soldiers and our fingers are on the triggers. The commander should give orders and we should shoot. We are ready to do this and will be producing (20 percent enriched uranium) as soon as possible. ”The enrichment process“ should be done under the supervision of the IAEA, ”Salehi said.

According to experts, Iran has enough enriched uranium for at least two nuclear weapons. Iran has long stated that its nuclear program is peaceful.

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