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(UPDATED) HTC confirms it’s a new VR headset

UPDATE (March 10 at 1:45 AM):
The company has published an entry on its official blog confirming that it is indeed a new virtual reality viewer. The published entry is very short and simply includes a title, an image and a phrase, as we can see below in the translation that we offer you:

VR viewer?

VR viewer – Confirmed.

In the description of the page we also read the phrase “is this the expected new VR viewer for HTC VIVE?” In the enlarged image that we have below we can see the shape of the visor covered with a cloth. We can venture to think that it has a rigid fastening and a soft upper strap, or at least that seems to suggest its forms.

Will it be a design inspired by the Project Proton that HTC showed last year? Again it’s time to keep waiting.

ORIGINAL NEWS (March 9 at 7:54 pm):
Having done something similar with their latest recently released products, the Vive Tracker 3.0 and the Vive Facial Tracker, HTC has returned to the charge through Twitter offering a preview of a possible new product that they would be preparing, will it be the standalone viewer that the president of HTC Vive China was talking about? The truth is that the comment could suggest that this time it is not about more accessories, since the final expression seems to indicate that this time they are going straight to the point, or getting down to work, or simply going to focus on the market business.

The published image shows an apparently not very wide outline where a camera is housed, possibly dedicated to absolute inside-out positioning. Is this outline part of the front of the new visor? You have to wait for HTC to publish new tracks or make the expected announcement of what they have in hand.

It should be remembered that the Taiwanese company already announced that they were preparing a new standalone and that it would be “probably better than what is available today from any supplier”, although they pointed out that they would not position it as a competitor of Quest, which could suggest that they point to the company, as we read in the shared message.

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