Update: road sections closed due to Nevada

The Juarez Journal

Thursday, December 31, 2020 | 15:24

Juarez City.- The State Coordination of Civil Protection released the latest report on the closure of closed road sections due to snowfalls that are recorded in different municipalities of the entity.

The Cold Front No. 24 and the Fourth Winter Storm of the season affected most of the state territory with low temperatures, for which the municipal and federal authorities closed circulation in several road sections, to prevent accidents due to freezing of the asphalt , It indicated.

The head of the agency, Ana Gómez Licón, reported at a press conference that at kilometer 90 of the Chihuahua-Cuauhtémoc highway, the pavement crystallized, thus, heavy traffic units and 13 private cars were stranded, with the same number of families.

He specified that the road sections were closed:

- San Andrés to Ojo de la Yegua km. 27 section of field 48 in Riva Palacio - Swedish to Villa Ahumada and there is only passage for heavy vehicles - Chihuahua- Cuauhtémoc highway toll booth - Guachochi to Morelos - Guachochi to Samachique - East Chihuahua Bypass - Guerrero to Cuauhtémoc (on the Malpaso section) - Buenaventura- Ignacio Zaragoza including the section called “Las Emes” - Buenaventura- Flores Magón including La Cuesta de Servín - San Lorenzo to Namiquipa - La Quemada al Campo 101 in Cuauhtémoc - Namiquipa at km. 60 of the Chihuahua-Juárez highway - Namiquipa- Las Cruces - El Terrero- Ejido El Oso in Namiquipa - Los Jaguares- San Lorenzo in Namiquipa - Km. 55 to km. 45 de Madera- Ejido El Largo Maderal - Los Lobos Port in Madera - Namiquipa to Cuesta del Toro - Creel- Guachochi - Guachochi- Parral - El Vergel- Guadalupe y Calvo - Guadalupe and Calvo- Parral - El Mimbre- Cusihuiriachi - Huérachi- San Juanito in Bocoyna - San Juanito- La Junta - Colonia Esperanza- El Porvenir in Praxedis G. Guerrero - Valverde- Coyame on the freeway Chihuahua to Ojinaga - Crystallized streets of Guadalupe and Calvo - Sacramento- Swedish - Eye Laguna- Flores Magón - Commercial corridor from Cuauhtémoc to Álvaro Obregón at low speed and with caution - Cuauhtémoc- The Board - El Terrero- Soto Máynez - Ruiz Cortines- Matachí - Chihuahua- Ojinaga - Álvaro Obregón- Eye of the Yegua - Cuauhtémoc- Anáhuac

Rainfall as snow recorded (thickness in centimeters)

- 30 cm Cuauhtémoc - 20 cm Buenaventura - 15 cm Cusihuiriachi - 12 cm Galeana - 10 cm Coyame, El Tule, Ignacio Zaragoza, Wood and from Smoked to Swedish – 8 cm Big Houses - 7 cm Gómez Farías, Riva Palacio, Santa Bárbara - 5 cm Carichí, Guachochi, Guadalupe y Calvo, La Cruz, Matachí, Satevó, Saucillo - 30 cm in Cumbres de Majalca National Park (Chihuahua) - 4 cm Maguarichi, Namiquipa, Temósachi, Urique - 3 cm Bachíniva, Balleza, Bocoyna, Meoqui, Praxedis G. Guerrero, Santa Isabel - 2 cm Aldama, Delicias, Julimes, Matamoros, San Francisco de Borja - 1 cm San Francisco de Conchos

He said that the personnel assisted motorists and passengers who were stranded in the affected sections and more than 35 people were channeled to nearby temporary shelters, where they were properly cared for with shelter and food.

“The roads are not to travel right now, we all want to be admiring the landscape that nature gave us this morning in much of the state. However, the state of the roads is not adequate right now, there may be crystallization, water, snow ”, he explained.

He called on citizens to conscientiously with his family, make the effort to stay at home and leave the things that are pending for another day, if they require moving from one place to another.

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