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unocero – Is it legal to mine cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies have been the central topic for many users for several years now. Their high monetary value makes many wonder if it is time to invest in them, because so that you can get an idea of ​​their value, a single bitcoin is worth almost 1,200,000 Mexican pesos; that is, with a bitcoin you can buy a car or even a house.

For that reason, the question of many users is, how do I get cryptocurrencies? The simplest way is by investing from different platforms such as Bitso, Coinbase or Binance. In fact, here is a tutorial on how to invest in different cryptocurrencies easily and quickly from your cell phone.

Another way to get hold of them is by mining them. What is mining a cryptocurrency? Here we explain it in a simple way, but you should know that when someone manages to mine a cryptocurrency, they take a fraction of it, so it is another way to start having funds.

Mining is not an easy task, since to carry out this process, specific computer equipment is required to solve a complex mathematical problem that consumes a lot of hardware and energy resources.

Is it illegal to mine cryptocurrencies?

No, in no country is it illegal to mine cryptocurrencies, in fact, each of the cryptocurrencies has its own hardware and software specifications necessary for mining, as well as its algorithms and mathematical problems that must be solved to achieve the objective.

If you have the equipment and resources, you can mine cryptocurrencies from your living room, or you can organize with companies or users to mine cryptocurrencies among all interested parties. But what can be considered illegal is cryptojacking.

Cryptojacking is when some person or group uses malware to infect computers and thus take advantage of their computing resources to mine cryptocurrencies. This malware can infect from computers to phones, and many times users may not know that they are falling victim to cryptojacking.

Cybercriminals have devised ways to infect from web pages to take advantage of the computing power of their visitors, until they can take control of individual computers.

A victim of cryptojacking may notice that their computer or device is much slower due to its resources being used to mine cryptocurrencies, so doing any other task goes into the background.

In Mexico there is no law that punishes cryptojacking as such, and it will depend on the regulations of each country to consider the severity and punishment of this activity, however, the acts to carry out the task are illegal in many parts of the world , then infect users or websites with malicious code to make a profit if it is considered a crime that can be punished with jail.

In our country, cryptojacking could be punished as a crime for the alteration or manipulation of electronic identification means, as well as for illicit access to computer systems and equipment, which are typified in the Federal Criminal Code and criminal codes of the federative entities.

In the end, the crime is punished differently based on what is typified in each law and the damages caused by the cybercriminal. In China, for example, hackers have been punished with the death penalty.

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