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University of Guadalajara cancels admission test results after leaking responses in networks

The University of Guadalajara annulled the results of the Academic Aptitude Test applied to undergraduate applicants on November 19, 20 and 21, 2020 because a part of it circulated through social networks, generating disadvantages in the admission process of more than 25 thousand students.

The rector general, Ricardo Villanueva Lomelí, explained that they received 46 complaints on the circulation of a section of the applied test and an investigation was started in conjunction with the College Board, a company that has been designing the test for 30 years.

After the investigation, it was discovered that since November 19, a document has been circulating, through private messaging applications and social networks, containing the answers from math section of the admission exam.

This document was created and distributed by the Instituto Lumiere, one of the schools dedicated to offering preparation courses for the entrance exam.

For its part, the College Board sent a report that confirmed that there is a significant difference between the average results of the entrance exams of other cycles and those of this calendar.

“For more than 30 years, the University of Guadalajara has implemented a series of protocols to guarantee a clean, fair and equitable admission process. We are not going to allow injustices to be committed for situations like this, ”said Villanueva Lomelí.

The application of the test will be repeated on February 6, the results will be published on February 15 and February 22 will be the start of classes.

The rector explained that each semester the College Board sends the UdeG the amount of tests necessary, according to the number of registered applicants; the tests arrive a few days in advance with all the brochures sealed and the University staff does not know how many versions of the test will be applied until the day of the test.

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At the conclusion of the delivery process by the university centers, School Control shreds all the brochures and security protocols are followed at all times, such as the registration of folios and delivery-reception minutes, activation of brigades to monitor classrooms, corridors, entrances and exits, in addition to prohibiting the entry of electronic devices and the use of cell phones, both applicators and applicants.

However, in 2020 due to the contingency for Covid-19 In order to comply with the health protocols, the admission exam was carried out in 3 days and people from the Lumiere Institute who came to take the exam on the first hour of November 19, managed to start circulating the section that coincided with the exam.

“I am very sorry that students who have already taken the exam have to do it again. I understand the frustration you feel at this time and I share it; But let’s not lose sight of the most important thing: we cannot allow any or any of you to lose their place at the University because someone had an advantage, ”said the rector.

He said that the UdeG It will reach the final legal consequences against the Lumiere Institute, since, although it is positive to do preparation courses for applicants, this school exceeded, because it does not limit itself to using the free trial exams that the College Board publishes on its site electronic, but there is evidence that he sends his teachers to steal real exams.

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