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United States willing to work with Juan Orlando Hernández

Washington, United States

The US is willing to work with the president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, as stated Juan González, President Joe Biden’s main adviser for Latin America, after accusations linking the president to drug trafficking.

“At this moment he is the elected president of Honduras, we are going to work with his Government, we are going to look for areas of common interest,” said González, in an interview broadcast this Sunday by CNN in Spanish, when asked if the head of state is a “valid interlocutor” for Washington.

The presidential adviser pointed out that the US Department of Justice “works independently” and clarified that the Executive cannot “direct what they can and cannot do.”

“We have to work with the governments, but not only with the governments, obviously the Honduran foreign minister (Lisandro Rosales) is going to be here this week, Ricardo (Zúñiga, Washington’s special envoy for the Northern Triangle of Central America) and I we are going to meet with him, look for areas of joint work, “he added.

González’s statement contradicted a statement by State Department spokesman Ned Price, who on March 9 warned that Washington cannot have close ties with leaders who do not fight corruption, in response to a question about the implications of the accusations against Hernández.

The official also referred to El Salvador and acknowledged that its president, Nayib Bukele, has managed to lower the insecurity index in the country, which, he considered, “has had an impact on immigration.”

However, he refuted the ruler’s argument “that one can lower insecurity at all costs.”

“Frankly we do not agree. We think that any government policy has to respect the institutions, it has to respect the freedom of the media to criticize you, “said the official, referring, among others, to Bukele’s decision to break into Parliament accompanied by members of the Army and the Police to press for the approval of a loan for their fight against gangs. EFE

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