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United Kingdom: Felipe, a Prince at the service of sport

From Wimbledon to witness the only world Cup English, passing through the inauguration of the Emirates Stadium. Although at Prince philip He was not known for an excessive fondness for sport, his image, like that of Queen Elizabeth II, has always been linked to the great sporting events in the United Kingdom of the last century

Cricket fan, a sport he practiced in his early years, and pol playerOr, in which he did compete seriously in his youth, the Duke of Edinburgh has been present over the years in some of the most important snapshots of British sport, until he decided to retire from public life in 2017.

Football was never his great devotion, nor was tennis, despite Wimbledon’s deep roots in the royal family. His passions were polo, cricket, participating in charity matches, and horses, but his obligations as the queen’s consort led him to also take an interest in the beautiful game.

Thus, he was one of the lucky ones who witnessed from the Wembley stands how Geoff Hurst introduced (or not) the ball into the Germans’ goal to give the world Cup to England in 1966. Although the honor of giving the cup fell to the queen, Felipe greeted one by one to the Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton, Gordon Banks and company as they headed for glory.

He was also honorary president of the English football federation, an honorary title that he held briefly between 1957 and 1959, and had the responsibility of inaugurating in 2006 the Emirates Stadium, the “home” of Arsenal, which replaced the mythical Highbury.

But his interests always ranged in other sports and that is why he was not Wimbledon, the jewel in the crown of England, his favorite pastime, as has also happened to the queen, who has only attended the All England Club four times, the last of them in 2010 to spot the phenomenon Andy Murray.

Even so, and despite the fact that that honor has almost always fallen to the Duke of Kent, Felipe He presented the champion trophy twice, in 1957 when Lew Hoad beat Ashley Cooper in the final, and in 1960 to Neale Fraser. In all, he went to the All England Club six times, the last one in 1977, the anniversary year of the Championships.

His greatest passion was always polo, which led him to reject some important commitments, such as football matches, whether it was going to polo matches or playing with a friend. His skill in polo even allowed him to organize international tours and export his talent to Argentina.

Although he has always been closely related to the equestrian world, his love resided more in the animal itself, and in the equestrian events, as when he was present in the 2012 Olympics, which in horse races, which did attract the attention of the queen.

“The key to a happy marriage is not having the same interests. That is not in dispute,” the prince said in an interview with The Independent.

But that did not prevent him from accompanying Elizabeth II to the exclusive Royal Ascott racetrack, one of the most important in the country, owned by the crown and located just a few kilometers from her residence in Windsor.

In addition, among the honors that has allowed him to hold his position, it is worth mentioning having been president of the international equestrian federation between 1964 and 1986.

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