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Unique pieces made of oak – Lars dared to set up his own business in the middle of the crisis

With his last name he could only do something with wood …

Lars Zimmermann (29) from Bochum (North Rhine-Westphalia) started his own joinery in May 2020, in the middle of the corona pandemic. Grubenholz is the name of his company (two employees), which mainly produces unique pieces from oak and slate.

“The deep black of the slate is a great contrast to the wood. And we can work on slate well, ”explains Zimmermann. For example, dining tables are created with a slate top in the middle – for putting down hot pots. “But we also make the normal built-in wardrobe,” emphasizes Zimmermann, who made his masterclass in 2017.

The start to self-employment was not easy. “You get known at trade fairs, but there weren’t any because of Corona. And the catering industry as a client was also eliminated. “

But he has already acquired a small group of customers. The topic of sustainability is important to Lars Zimmermann: Almost the entire value chain takes place in Bochum.

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