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Union group tries to sneak in vaccination; there will be a criminal sanction: Sheinbaum

The head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported that they will administratively and criminally sanction a group of union leaders of the capital government who tried to sneak into the application of vaccines against COVID intended only for health personnel on the front line of care.

The persons indicated are leaders of Section 12 of the CDMX government’s Single Union of Workers, who this Wednesday tried to enter the application of vaccines carried out by the Sedena.

At a press conference, Sheinbaum assured that his government will not tolerate this type of act under any circumstances and that the vaccines will only be for health personnel who care for COVID patients.

“I want to be very blunt about this: we are going to apply administrative and criminal sanctions to whoever wants to do this. We are not going to allow it, here there are no more influences like before, where being a corrupt leader allowed them to have advantages, here the health personnel come first, ”he said.

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He said that he had already instructed the CDMX Health Secretariat to know the name of the union leaders who tried to sneak in and apply the highest administrative sanction.

While the attorney general of the CDMX, Ernestina Godoy, asked him directly to give the maximum punishment stipulated for these cases in criminal matters.

The head of government insisted that the list of medical personnel, established by the Ministry of Health, will be respected and there will be no type of exception for someone else to be vaccinated.

Finally, he invited health personnel to report this type of act through his Twitter account or through the telephone line where public hearings are requested, which is: 4737-7700 ext. 22 23.

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