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Uninvited visit to the clinic – a boar comes to the cure

Dresden – In the health clinic, an uninvited visitor behaved like a pig!

In September 2019, a wild boar thundered through the middle of the glass entrance door, raced down a hallway and shocked the patients at the clinic south of Dresden.

When pensioner Fritz H. (94) was just stepping out of the elevator with his rollator, he suddenly stood in front of the wild pig!

His salvation: Industrial mechanic Burkhardt Kleibl (49), who just wanted to have his back treated. He reports: “I wanted to push him back into the elevator when the boar attacked us. I kicked him, the patient was able to flee. ”

The rescuer got off the boar’s anger: the wild boar struck with its tusk and fled. A wound on the hand had to be stitched.

Kleibl has now received the Lifesaver Medal of the Free State of Saxony for his commitment.

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