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Uninvited to the inauguration and reluctant to criticize Trump: this is how AMLO begins his official relationship with Biden

Section of a new border fence between the US and Mexico in Ascensión, Mexico (Photo: REUTERS / José Luis González)
Section of a new border fence between the US and Mexico in Ascensión, Mexico (Photo: REUTERS / José Luis González)

The democrat Joe BidenAccording to the provisions of the United States Constitution, he will assume the presidency of that country on January 20. All this once his victory in the elections held last November became official in December.

Outside of that country The one most interested in the future government of the United States is undoubtedly Mexico. And is not for less. Not only is he your neighbor to the south, your bond also includes a strong relationship in humanitarian issues, like migration; economic, like the new commercial treaty (T-MEC); of security, such as cooperation on drug trafficking issues. Besides 60 million Hispanics in the United States, 36 are Mexican. While the Aztec territory is home to one and a half million US citizens.

“We consider that we will not have any difference, we will not have problems, there will be no lawsuits with President Biden. We have to agree, there has to be understanding. We cannot be distant neighbors. There has to be a good neighbor policy “President Andrés Manuel López Obrador pointed out on Thursday, although he also hinted that he will not attend the democrat’s inauguration, “I do not have an invitation and I have decided to go out little.”

However, certain positions and decisions that the Mexican president has had – from the US presidential campaign to the next inauguration – have aroused criticism and concern on how Joe Biden will treat Mexico once he takes office.

The most recent, the reaction of the president of Mexico to the riots in the United States Capitol, led by the followers of Donald Trump, which left a deceased woman as a result. While the rulers of countries such as Germany, Israel and Canada, or organizations such as the UN and NATO, considered these events as regrettable and even “an attack against democracy”, the Mexican government chose to try to remain neutral.

(Photo: REUTERS / Leah Millis)
(Photo: REUTERS / Leah Millis)

We are not going to intervene in these matters that correspond to solve and attend to the Americans. That is our policy, that is what I can comment on. It is always very regrettable that human lives are lost (…) We have always sought that all conflicts are resolved through dialogue, the peaceful way (…) For the rest, we do not take position”Declared López Obrador in his usual morning conference.

Another controversial decision has been AMLO’s recent offer of political asylum to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, after the United Kingdom – where he is imprisoned – refused to extradite him to the United States, where he faces charges for disseminating documents on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

(Photo: Courtesy of the Presidency)
(Photo: Courtesy of the Presidency)

Some experts in international relations they warned that this offer only opened a front with the incoming Democratic administration. For others, far from being something last minute, it is an issue that most likely had already been discussed with the authorities of its northern neighbor.

“Probably even a high-level dialogue because this cannot happen overnight,” he explained to Infobae Adolfo Laborde, doctor in Political Science from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), detailing that all this could be a strategy “that somehow breaks with international pressure towards the United Kingdom, towards the United States itself”, in order to avoid political pressure between those countries that are discussing the possible extradition of the cyber activist, a tactic that he would use “in order to have a less tense relationship, to reduce pressure, and Mexico adheres to this tradition.”

Another controversial decision: the request for approval for the new Mexican ambassador to the United States, Esteban Moctezuma. And it is that the Mexican government, contrary to what was believed, did not wait 15 more days to make this request to the Biden government, But this same January 6, he requested it from the still cabinet headed by Donald Trump.

Although definitely the position that aroused the most disagreement and warnings of all kinds was the decision of President López Obrador to not congratulate Joe Biden on his presidential victory until the result was made official. Thus, while dozens of countries and international organizations recognized the Democratic victory a few days before the elections held on November 3, Mexico did so more than a month later.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, applauds the president of the United States, Donald Trump (Photo: REUTERS / Kevin Lamarque)
The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, applauds the president of the United States, Donald Trump (Photo: REUTERS / Kevin Lamarque)

That decision earned him many criticisms that pointed to him as disrespectful of America’s democracy. However, there were also those who saw AMLO’s decision as a diplomatic way of handling himself.

In an interview with Infobae, the former US ambassador to Mexico (2011-2015) Anthony Wayne, pointed out that this position reflected “the approach that the current government of Mexico has adopted in its relations with the Trump administration since (AMLO) came to power. They don’t want to get into a dispute with the Trump administration … Mexico tries to be cautious based, I understand, on the importance of working with the United States, whoever is in power”.

The diplomat, in fact,saw no negative reaction from Joe Biden. On the contrary, he claimed that the democrat understood the importance of the strategy with which Mexico is managed in his relationship with the United States, and he even said that in the long term this would lead to his rapprochement with the Mexican administration.

AND López Obrador’s visit to Washington in July 2020, on the occasion of the launch of the T-MEC (his first and only trip abroad since he was president), also provoked the outrage of those who saw this action as an endorsement of the Republican who was in the presidential campaign.

However, Democrats in Mexico ruled out seeing that as a negative. In fact, Lori Smith, representative democrat in that country, he commented to Infobae on the eve of US election day: For Joe Biden, the relationship with Mexico is very important, and it will continue to be “.

AMLO, Trump y Joe Biden (Foto: Archivo)
AMLO, Trump y Joe Biden (Foto: Archivo)

For his part, Anthony Wayne also deepened, in general, in the complex relationship between the two countries and its future with the victory of Democrat Joe Biden.

At economic aspect, stressed that the democrat will place relations with Mexico and Canada in a strategic framework aimed at building strong long-term partnerships. Although initially, he warned, the priority of the new administration will be internal.

Biden has a priority to ‘rebuild better’ and that means investing more in the US economy. And I think there would be opportunities for closer cooperation with both neighbors as this progresses, in the context of making the three economies more competitive. “

The former ambassador also stressed that Biden will not continue with Trump’s famous border wall, remembering that he immigration issue is another of the priorities of your project, which through more humanitarian mechanisms, will focus on preventing large waves of migrants before they overflow at the borders.

The first, he indicated, will be to address the situation of young people included in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (IF, for its acronym in English), some 700,000 immigrants known as dreamers (dreamers).

(Photo: REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst)
(Photo: REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst)

Although the diplomat rejection that in all these efforts thousands of deportees in recent years are included, unless “they have a strong case to show that they should be considered part of the group IFBut most of the people who have been sent home don’t seem to fall into that category. “

Meanwhile insecurity issues, the former US ambassador to Mexico bet on better coordination with the Democrats, indicating that Communication between both countries and coordination on the subject have represented a challenge in the last three years.

“A lesson from the arrest of General Cienfuegos and Genaro García Luna is thatboth governments need to improve the way officials in those areas are supervised”, Referring to the security authorities who, he regretted, are being corrupted by large sums of money or intimidation by big criminals.


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