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Uninhabited for 20 years – you can buy the bin Laden villa for 28 million

Palm trees line the pink building, and dirt has accumulated on the terrace of the huge property. Nobody has lived in the chic villa in Bel Air (Los Angeles) for almost 20 years.

It belongs to the older half-brother of the terrorist Osama bin Laden († 54). He has not come here since the attacks of September 11, 2001, fearing that his last name could be his undoing in the United States.

Now, decades later, Ibrahim bin Laden wants to sell the villa. The proud price: $ 28 million (23.6 million euros). That has the “New York Post” Experienced.

New owner gets weed garden

The property in a prime location is over 7000 square meters and comprises a total of two hectares of land. In addition to seven bedrooms, the new owner can also look forward to five bathrooms. This also includes a spa and wellness area, which should be in good condition despite the long vacancy.

But in the garden the new owner would first have to lend a hand: Tall weeds are rampant in the garden, the heavy stone wells are already crumbling and the tarred parking lot is cracked.

Gardener, chauffeur and private security staff

Ibrahim bin Laden lived in the villa with his prominent ex-wife Christine Hartunian Sinay and their daughter Sibba. The family is said to have employed several “full-time gardeners, domestic helpers, chauffeurs and private security guards”, writes author Steve Coll in his book “The bin Ladens: An Arab Family in the American Century”.

Like Osama, Ibrahim was one of 56 children of the Saudi Arabian construction magnate Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden, who had 22 wives.

In the 1960s, the imposing property belonged to Hollywood producer Arthur Freed († 78), who is known, among other things, for “Wizard of Oz”.

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