Under Express Booking. López-Gatell angers medical personnel

Doctors and health personnel who cater to Covid-19 patients yes they are outraged by the end of the year holidays that the undersecretary took Hugo Lopez-Gatell.

They make us see that it is “unfair” that while they they have not had rest, and even in some cases it was negotiated to postpone their vacation, the spokesman of the course of the pandemic in Mexico go to a beach, when the message that the population has turned a deaf ear to is “Stay at home”.

Health sector workers they regretted that the undersecretary has left the capital of the country to celebrate the end of the year: “it doesn’t matter if you won the vacation or not, we have not seen our family ”, commented a worker of the General Hospital of Zone 27 of the IMSS.

“Of course it caused us annoyance, my colleagues and I have lost friends who got infected doing its job, yes we are tired, but we have a duty and here we continue, how comfortable it would be to travel, we all want a beach, but this is not the time, yes he doesn’t set the example, with what face do we tell people to stay home ”, argued a group of health professionals from different hospitals of the ISSSTE.

So while Don Hugo says that there are political demons to attack him, the doctors are not happy with their behavior …


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