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Under Express Booking. Grassland smoke and AMLO’s mantle protect Bartlett

Once again this morning the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador defended the director of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), Manuel Bartlett and again the questions arose: What does the President owe Bartlett? What does Bartlett know about the President?

The questions are relevant because they make us see that Don Manuel has opened several flanks to the President and to the self-call Fourth transformation, and has always received the presidential accolade in the face of accusations and accusations.

They remind us of cases, such as the multiple properties that Bartlett and his families own, and the contracts obtained by his family with the federal government.

Now, Bartlett is accused by the Tamaulipas government having falsified a document to hold an alleged fire, in a pasture, of the blackout that last Monday left more than 10 million people in the country without electricity.

Faced with the direct accusation of the falsification of the document, the President did not request that said accusation be investigated, but immediately covered Bartlett with his protective mantle and said that there is a group that does not want Don Manuel and that “They make a scandal” and they want it to be the CFE debacle.

“I respect everyone, but there is a group that does not like Manuel Bartlett, because the instruction that Manuel Bartlett has, is more, it’s not with Manuel BartlettIt is with the President, because Manuel Bartlett depends on the head of the Executive, I appointed him.

“They think that Manuel Bartlett is looking at the contracts with Iberdrola, he is the intransigent, no, I am asking him to see those contracts, I am demanding that he see that, because we are not going to be complicit in corruption“said the President.

But on the accusation of falsification, which they tell us is a very serious indication, the president preferred to deploy a smokescreen, like the one that the CFE says there was in the pasture, and again to deploy the protective mantle over Bartlett.


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