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Under Express Booking. AMLO, Trump and the blessed networks

In Mexico, they make us notice, Donald Trump, outgoing president of the United States, still has a good friend: President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

After social media they blocked the accounts of the American president, considering that they contained false and inflammatory messages, López Obrador rejected the measure this morning, considering that freedom should be guaranteed and that there should be no censorship.

AMLO compared the decisions of social networks with the Holy inquisition: “He did not accept that, we all have to limit ourselves and guarantee freedom. How is it that I censor you and you can no longer transmit? If we are for freedoms…. There can be no setbacks.

“How can someone be censored? Let’s see, I punish you because I judge, like the Holy Inquisition. I consider what they are doing to be harmful. Imagine that Twitter, as a company, decide You cannot (express yourself) because what you are saying is harmful, damaging or damaging goes against good customs, the police and good government camp, ”he said mockingly.

These statements, they make us see, should not be surprising, since more than once the president López Obrador has criticized Twitter and has even asked the corporation to reveal its finances, as it claims that politicians pay bots to attack it.

The theme, they tell us, was the defense of Trump because his accounts were blocked of social networks, but of the violence and the attempted coup against the presidential succession in the United States better not to mention …

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