Uncertainty grows over the young man who disappeared in Limay

The search of the young man who disappeared in the waters of River Limay at the height of The Pearls Friday afternoon continues intensely, but still without news. The operation – in which personnel from the Río Negro Police, Prefecture, Volunteer Firefighters and Civil Protection of Cipollett work hard – began after the family approached to report what happened at Sub-police Station 82.

The first data provided by sources close to the cause indicate that it is a 23-year-old young man, who at the time of his disappearance was bathing in the waters of the Limay River. The rakings started that same day after 7pm and continued throughout the day on Saturday, although due to weather conditions they had to end earlier than expected.

At the moment, the circumstances of what happened are unknown and it was only possible to establish that the disappeared person would have an address in Las Perlas.

police pearls

From the presentation of his relatives, there was a rapid deployment of the Provincial Police, Firefighters and the Argentine Prefecture, who armed an operation in a wide sector. In the case of Civil Protection of the Municipality of Cipolletti, this Sunday they will be focused on the Jordan Island upwards.

This Sunday staff from the Cipolletti and Las Perlas Volunteer Firefighters also joined, in addition to the task that the Prefecture has already been doing, according to Raúl Vena, president of the institution.

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