The United Kingdom has registered some 3,400 new infections by coronavirus and a dozen deaths during the last 24 hours while the country’s health authorities have wanted to reassure the population about the safety of the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccines after the verification of cases of thrombosis after their inoculation, although a cause-effect relationship has not yet been confirmed.

“The benefits continue to outweigh the risks and there is still no causal relationship between the injection and these clots,” explained the UK Medicines Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which has identified thirty cases and seven deaths from thrombosis in people with a low platelet count, among the 18 million doses administered since March 24.

“The MHRA keeps saying constantly that there is no cause for concern and that is absolutely the message to the people,” said Professor Linda Bauld of the University of Edinburgh.

For the rest, the country has registered 3,423 new cases and ten deaths in the last hours for a total of 4,357,091 infections and 126,826 deaths. Another 273 patients have been admitted in the last hours, 3,536 in total, at the moment. Of these, 517 remain on assisted respiration.

Finally, more than 31 million people have received the first dose of the vaccine in the country, and 5.2 million have already received the two necessary doses.

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