UIF tightens the siege of the last head of the PGR with Peña

The Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF), of the Ministry of Finance, has tightened the siege against Alberto Elías Beltrán, last head of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) during Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration.

The institution in charge of Santiago Nieto Castillo not only reviews the bank accounts of Elías Beltrán and his wife, Marcela Kuchle López, but has also extended its investigations to her brother, Oswaldo Kuchle López, who was arrested in February 2010 in the United States. United States and sentenced to 24 months in prison for a fraud of more than three million dollars committed against the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex Im Bank).

In October 2010, Oswaldo Kuchle pleaded guilty to defrauding the Ex-Im Bank, as funds provided by the institution for an investment were for personal use.

Oswaldo grew up as a promoter under the tutelage of his father, Reginaldo, who was a boxing and wrestling entrepreneur for more than five decades and who recently passed away.

Together they made the decisions of the company Promociones del Pueblo, which has the representation of fighters such as Johnny González, Mariana Juárez and Lulú Juárez, among other Mexican fighters.

On October 23, the UIF requested authorization from a judge to request financial banking information from Elías Beltrán, his wife and brother-in-law, as well as various legal entities.

A day later, on October 24, the fifth control judge authorized the request for financial information.

In accordance with the motivation of the request, this instance of the Treasury detected the participation of Elías Beltrán, Marcela and Oswaldo Kuchle López, as well as various legal entities, in the creation of a complex scheme that consisted of the creation of various professional firms allegedly dedicated to provide legal services.

“But in reality, they seem to be being used to provide advice on the evasion of money laundering controls, which presumably allowed them to obtain large amounts of resources that were later introduced to the national financial system, through a multiplicity of commercial entities, the which seem to have operated with the purpose of hiding their origin and final destination ”, the court ruling details.

Therefore, the judge granted the FIU the financial banking information of the three defendants and of various legal entities.

“In said resolution, the financial institutions or entities are ordered to proceed with the immediate fulfillment of this judicial mandate.”

This requirement derives from the investigation folder FED / VG / UNAI-CDMX / 0000450/2019, initiated on June 19, 2019, after the complaint filed by Martha Ledesma Gutiérrez, head of the General Directorate of Legal Processes of the FIU .

According to federal authorities, in this investigation into the finances of Elías Beltrán they would have found almost 100 million pesos allegedly from these illicit activities that resulted in money laundering.

The investigation states that on January 19, 2019, a month and a half after ceasing to be in charge of the PGR’s dispatch, Elías Beltrán established the firm MCRELL Consultores, together with former public servants Jaime Felipe Rayas Dávalos, Luis Manuel Cobos Gutiérrez and Rafael Lugo Sánchez.

Next, this company received a deposit of 324,800 pesos from Kuchle y Asociados, a firm created by his wife and Elías Beltrán’s mother on May 24, 2016.

This office received, from June 2016 to 2019, more than 98 million pesos; however, almost 32 million pesos received it from CL Abogados, a firm in which Marcela Kuchle worked, although there is no record as a law graduate in the SEP Registry of Professional Cédulas.

Another thing that caught the UIF’s attention for this investigation was that in August 2016, three months after creating his office, Kuchle López acquired a house at the Bosques de Santa Fe Golf Club for 35 million pesos.



Elements of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) destroyed three tons, 408 kilos and 45 grams and 200 milligrams of narcotics in Hermosillo Sonora.

In coordination with personnel from the Sedena, elements of the National Guard, the State Police of Public Security and municipalities, more than three tons of marijuana were mainly incinerated.

Through a statement, the FGR announced that the destroyed narcotics were related to 67 investigation folders for crimes against health.

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