The City coach criticized the lack of rest this season for the players, who are human beings and not machines

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager, criticized the lack of rest that exists this season in football and he noted that UEFA and FIFA are “killing the players”.

“It’s too much,” said the Spanish coach. “They are human beings, not machines. I know that some of them are sad because you want to play everything, but that is not possible, “said Guardiola, who in the victory against Leicester City made six changes compared to the last game.

“To be good in all competitions this year without spectators, in the shortest season in history, if you don’t break you can’t compete and you couldn’t be in the position we are in,” he added.

“They could play, yes, they have an incredible mentality, but they need to rest. UEFA and FIFA kill players because it’s too much. We haven’t had a week off since we started. “

The Premier League is the only major league that does not allow five substitutions per game and keeps it at three.