UACJ condemns the murder of one of its students

Miguel Vargas
The Juarez Journal

Thursday, December 31, 2020 | 11:49

Juarez City.– The highest house of studies in this city condemned the death by homicide of one of its students.

After groups of university activists began last night to condemn the death of Juan Daniel Vargas Ortiz, a student of Biomedical Sciences, through social networks, the UACJ joined the demand for justice before the murder.

Although El Diario has requested information about this incident from the North Zone Prosecutor’s Office, no response has been given on the day and how the student died.

In netizen groups it is speculated that the murder could be related to his activism, since he had a direct participation in the rectory takeover on December 11 last.

“The Autonomous University of Ciudad Ju├írez requires the authorities to investigate until the facts in which the young Juan Daniel Vargas Ortiz, a student at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, lost his life,” says a statement from the educational institution.

He adds that “the university community repudiates any act of violence, especially when one of its members is deprived of life, so it insists on the need for the law to be applied to whoever is responsible.”

He mentions that the UACJ is in contact with the family of the young Juan Daniel, to whom condolences have been expressed, as well as offering support and advice in the face of this sensitive loss.

It also clarifies that follow-up is being kept before the Prosecutor’s Office to insist on the investigation.

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