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Two women, to the pineapples for a toné vitel: “The pijotera did not put anchovies or capers” | Chronicle

An unusual family quarrel happened on Christmas Eve in the Santa Fe town of Ñanducita. It all started a few minutes before midnight when cutting the sweet bread for the Christmas toast, when two women started arguing over dinner food.

One of them, identified as VM de C, He braided himself with fists and kicks with his sister-in-law, identified as BC, after she reproached him for his vitel toné “It was crap, that the sauce lacked anchovies and that as a pijotera he had not added capers.

Faced with criticism, the woman replied that “She didn’t know how to cook a hard boiled egg and that she and her family already had it rotten” with their food claims. And continued: “They are all a starvation sleeve and that if it weren’t for her husband they would all be living on a ranch.

At that moment, the woman’s mother-in-law also reacted, He took her by the hair and put her head in the pot of cleric.

All the scandal woke up an uncle of the family, who was sleeping in a deck chair, and pulled out a .38 revolver and began firing into the air. This situation alerted the neighbors, who approached the house to ask him to stop doing it because it was dangerous. But far from improving, the outlook only got worse.

The neighborhood complaint angered the family, whose members showed a state of drunkenness and they began to fight on the sidewalk.

Finally, the police approached the scene and it was only around 4 in the morning that they were able to reestablish calm in the Santa Fe town.

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