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Two Police cars star in a ‘drag race’ in Washington … that ends badly

When a video of a ‘drag race’ reaches us, normally, we find some of the most performance models on the market or those that have been modified to multiply their attributes. However, this race has brought together a couple of unusual vehicles: two police cars star in a ‘drag race’ on the streets of Washington … and things don’t end well.

Video: in this acceleration race there are more than 5,000 CV

No, these were not out-of-service vehicles: they were active and within their working hours. The setting chosen for this particular ‘drag race’ was Anacostia Avenue in Washington, located near Kenilworth Park & ​​Aquatic Garden. There they began to compete until reaching 96 km / h within an urban area … until collided with each other and one of them ended up going through the wooden fence that delimited one of the houses in the residential area.

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Four agents

This is attested by a video taken immediately after the accident and confirmed by Durriiah Habeebullah, the commander of Washington’s 6D (Sixth District), in a statement: “Instead of fighting crime, patrolling or taking care of the community, the officers they decided to do a race on Anacostia Avenue at five in the afternoon. What example does this set for all the members of the Metropolitan Police Department who are passionate about their job and work hard every day to make a difference? It’s not fair to any of us. “

Ogier suffers a traffic accident and escapes from the Police

As reported by local media such as Fox 5 DC, the four agents who starred in the ‘drag race’ are relatively new in the body. Commander Durriiah Habeebullah assured that they have already taken steps to educate all officers about the dangers of not respecting speed limits and reckless driving. The local authorities, for their part, have not wanted to comment on the incident or on the future work of those involved.

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