Two Neuquén police officers and a federal prison detained in Las Grutas

Unbridled screams, loud music and explosions of objects that broke in a possible brawl altered the tranquility of a tourist rental complex located in the pedestrian Viedma and Lamarque, in the heart of Las Grutas.

The disorder was such that the owner of the property decided to ask the police for help. When the troops from the 29th police station arrived at the scene, they were received in a contemptuous and hostile manner by three individuals who were occupying the department.

Although there was an attempt to calm them down, the men became increasingly violent, so they proceeded to arrest them, reported Deputy Commissioner Juan Colpi, head of the Unit.

Two of them were apprehended on the spot, while the third escaped running, although he was also caught a few meters later by uniformed men making pedestrian rounds.

The surprise appeared when, when registering their identities, They were able to determine that two of them are members of the Neuquén Police, from the prison service, while the rest is a Federal prison that performs functions in the Senillosa prison.

According to the official from Rio Negro, one is domiciled in Centenario, while the other two – including the Federal one – in the Neuquén capital.

Colpi indicated that they refused to take the breathalyzer test, since it is presumed that the state of excitement he presented was due to the excessive intake of drinks. He also highlighted that their regulation weapons were seized, but clarified that they never exhibited them.

Members of the local Criminalistics Cabinet carried out tests in the department where they were staying, and verified damage to furniture and other elements. The three remained in detention, awaiting a resolution from the prosecutor Mariela Coy.

The cause, in principle, is for damage and resistance to authority.

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