Two murdered and one injured in Umán: they were defending a woman

UMÁN.— Two men who assisted their neighbor, whom her husband beat and wounded with a knife, died as a result of the injuries caused by the deranged aggressor.

In addition, the violent subject injured a third person. The deceased and the wounded man were attacked in the house where they celebrated the New Year, where the woman took refuge.

Personnel of the Prosecutor's Office in the building where the savage attack took place.  The balance was two dead and two injured
Personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office and the State Investigative Police in the Valle de Umán module where the double crime occurred (Photo by Carolina Uc Quintal)

The double crime, described by the surprised neighbors as a butcher shop, occurred in a house on Calle 56 and 39 of the Valle de Umán subdivision.

This morning, Bryan Pech, 27, and Gabriela Cimé, 24, celebrated the arrival of 2021 at their home, but suddenly an argument broke out.

Injured, ask for help

Gabriela Cimé, injured with a knife by her partner in the Valle de Umán subdivision
The young Gabriela Cimé waits for medical attention after the violent events in Valle de Umán

The man attacked his partner and attacked her with a knife, causing several injuries. As she could, the woman fled the property and asked for help in the neighboring house.

Neighbors helped Gabriela Cimé and tended to her wounds when Bryan Pech arrived with the intention of continuing to attack the woman. They tried to calm him down and, failing to do so, stop him.

However, during the struggles Plutarco Camul received several stab wounds in the abdomen and lost his life at the scene.

Bryan Pech also injured Antonio Arjona, 35, and Julián Sobrino, 30. Due to the severity of their injuries, both had to be transferred to the Agustín O’Horán Hospital, where according to unofficial versions the former died.

Attacker locked up in Umán

Municipal police from Umán as well as state police arrived at the crime scene, as well as elements from the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Forensic Medical Service to remove the body of Plutarco Canul.

Elements of the Ministry of Public Security arrested the aggressor, who was transferred to the municipal jail while the investigations of the events were being carried out.

Neighbors are shocked by the bloody events.

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