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Two-color nail designs to look elegant and original this spring

Spring has arrived and with it, the possibility of getting creative with our looks. In the case of nail designs, there are no restrictions! Why stick to one color when we can play with two or more options?

That is precisely what the two-color manicure that is very popular on social networks proposes, And as its name suggests, it is about mixing two similar or contrasting tones using various techniques to get out of the classic and conventional styles.

Two-tone nail designs for this spring

In fuchsia and red

The experts have already given their candidates for essential enamels for this season and among them, neither red nor fuchsia is missing. These are two vivid shades that get along at any age and time of day, so we love their versatility.

Another very relevant aspect is that These diagonal nail designs are so easy to do that we can even dare at home.

Ombré nails

And if you want to continue browsing the alternatives offered by the two-tone game, nothing better than the subtle and elegant blurring technique, such as ombré, which takes its inspiration from the same finish that is done on the hair.

In these cases, the secret is to use two different colors, but combined, they look sophisticated.

French nails

Of course, you can not miss the French nail designs that are a classic for women, however, under this new fashion precept they have been reinvented adding an extra line to the model. Find a color palette that you like and don’t forget to use a natural base so as not to overload.

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