Two arrested for the death of a baby who was thrown into a container | Chronicle

A couple was arrested by the City Police for the death of a newborn baby who was found days ago inside a garbage container. The operation took place after a raid on a home in the San Nicolás neighborhood. The body of the creature was discovered on December 15, inside a bag in a container installed in Lavalle in 1600.

After the finding, the 54th National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office, headed by Dr. Laura Belloqui, Secretary of Dr. Patricio Pérez Bosso, entrusted the Summary Division and Prevention Brigades of the Communal Police Station 1 of the City Police , a series of inquiries in search of witnesses and images of moments before and after the discovery of the body.

From the analysis of the elements collected, the researchers focused on a woman who would have thrown the bag with the body into the container. That person was robust, with long hair and was dressed in an embroidered shirt with light inscriptions on his forehead, dark pants and Crocs type mules.

The investigation of the City Police allowed to locate the address where the suspect entered, a building on Tucumán Street at 1700, two blocks distant from the place where the body was found.

The troops finally managed to identify her, as well as her partner, both foreigners.

With the identity of the suspects in their possession, the Prosecutor’s Office requested the search of the department where the couple lives and the arrest of both of the National Court for Criminal and Correctional Matters 54, under the direction of Dr. Érica María Uhrlandt, Secretary of Dr. Julio Augusto Pedroso, who made room for the request.

The magistrate also required to collect items, such as clothing or toothbrush, from which a biological profile could be extracted and the obtaining of traces that could indicate whether the woman was recently pregnant.

The procedure was carried out by personnel from the Comuna 1 Brigade, with the support of members of the Foreign Video and Criminalistics Division of the City Police, during which the two suspects were detained and garments were seized, including those that the woman would have used when going to the container, as well as items requested to carry out the investigation.

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