Twitter and Facebook temporarily block Trump

foreign countries After riots at the Capitol

Twitter and Facebook temporarily block Trump

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“It is striking how few police officers are here”

Thousands of demonstrators besieged the Capitol, spurred on by President Trump. And hardly any police officers can be seen. How can that be, asks WELT correspondent Daniel Friedrich Sturm on site.

After the riots at the Capitol, Twitter blocked the incumbent US President Donald Trump’s most important account for twelve hours. The tweets from the account @realDonaldTrump had “repeatedly and seriously” violated the guidelines.

TFor the first time, witter blocked the account of US President Donald Trump for the next twelve hours and threatened him with a permanent ban. The internet service demanded that Trump remove tweets in which he excused violence.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube had previously deleted Trump’s posts in an unusually tough procedure after the riots in Washington. Among other things, a video was affected in which Trump called on his supporters to withdraw from the Capitol they stormed – but at the same time repeated his unsubstantiated claims about alleged election fraud. Facebook justified the deletion with the fear that Trump’s message could lead to further violence.

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After the escalation, Twitter blocked Trump’s account for twelve hours and threatened him with a permanent ban. Trump had “repeatedly and seriously” violated the rules of the online service in his messages in the fight against false information. In particular, Twitter has so far limited itself to warning notices for Trump because the service regards the President’s contributions as historical documents.

Now the service immediately deleted another post from Trump after the video, in which he wrote: “These are things and events that happen when a holy landslide victory is stolen so suddenly and meanly”. Trump’s supporters had previously stormed the House of Parliament in Washington while deliberations to confirm the election victory of his successor Joe Biden were ongoing.

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At first, Twitter only provided both Trump’s posts with warnings and restricted their distribution on the platform. Tweets that could lead to violence cannot be retweeted, replied to, or given a like. The outgoing president then accused the platforms of political censorship.

Facebook also blocks Trump

A little later, Facebook announced on Twitter that it would block postings from President Donald Trump’s user account for 24 hours. The reason for the block are two violations of guidelines of the online network.

While some observers welcomed the crackdown on the Internet platforms, some experts accused the companies of just messing around with Trump and his supporters for years. All along, they could have spread dangerous misinformation among the people and instigated violence that contributed to the recent escalation.

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