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Twelve meter fall – woman rescues dog from crevice after five days

Minnewaska State Park (New York) – Exhaustion and relief are written on her face, the t-shirt is smeared with dirt: Jessica Van Ord has just rescued the dog Liza from a crevice twelve meters deep.

Photos of the US heroine and the dog lady are currently going around the world.

What happened? Liza’s mistress and the twelve-year-old animal were hiking in “Minnewaska State Park” in New York State. The bitch fell into the crevice.

The owner called for help, but none of the park rangers could get to the animal. Liza whined continuously for five days and nights. Then rescue came in the form of Jessica Van Ord.

The woman from the New Jersey Initial Response Team – a volunteer task force that helps with search and rescue – was petite enough to squeeze into the crevice.

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The American descended twelve meters and put a snare around the dog. Together with two other helpers, it was finally possible to free Liza from her predicament. Jessica Van Ord packed the bitch in a rescue backpack and brought her back to the surface.

During the five days of imprisonment, the lady dog ​​was not alone. A team of helpers was on site, Liza observed with a camera. It also became clear why the animal was in good health after it was rescued: the clever four-legged friend licked the damp stone, apparently taking care of himself with liquid.

After the rescue, Liza came to her overjoyed mistress. It is not yet known why the dog fell into the crevice. In “Minnewaska State Park” it is actually mandatory to keep a leash.

The park is located about 140 kilometers north of the metropolis of New York City and is a popular destination for residents of the Big Apple.

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