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TV doctor Dr. Wimmer – SHE is the ray of hope after the death of his daughter

When Dr. Johannes Wimmer (38) reported on the death of his daughter Maximilia (9 months) at the big “Ein Herz für Kinder” gala a year ago, and he moved Germany to tears.

What he didn’t even know back then: “His greatest happiness” was growing in his wife Clara ‘s belly on that day.

Johannes Wimmer remembers his appearance only vaguely: “The day before there was Maxi’s funeral service. On the day itself, I actually felt so bad that in retrospect I wondered if it was a good idea to go on stage. At that point there was no ray of hope. ”

A big ray of hope was given to him almost two weeks later: his wife is pregnant again. His daughter is born in August. She’s healthy.

“It brings incredible luck without closing the void that Maxi has left. She shouldn’t do that either … and she’s very different from her sister, ”says the proud dad.

Her look, her lively manner – the little one has already developed a character of her own at just under three months: “Just like with siblings. She only looks a lot like Maxi when she sleeps. And that can be very painful too. Often it is the carefree, beautiful moments in which the missing is particularly present. ”

Last year Johannes Wimmer experienced very often how close pain and joy are to one another.

Recently it was the anniversary of his daughter’s death: “It’s a difficult time for us right now. Many memories come up. At the same time, however, it is also a nice time of year because we had already accepted Maxi’s illness back then and consciously made wonderful moments with her. Those were little highlights that I still fondly remember today. ”

Too little cancer research for children

To make the loss of his daughter public and to give the disease a face was and is a very important step for the TV doctor to this day: “Children with cancer do not have a lobby. You can’t stand up and say that more cancer research is urgently needed for children. ”For every 100 drugs developed for adults, there is one drug for children!

In order to spare other parents the pain, Johannes Wimmer is committed to the Hopp Children’s Tumor Center in Heidelberg. The BILD aid organization “A Heart for Children” supports the institute’s cancer research.

Dr. Wimmer to BILD: “Children are not little adults, they need their own therapies and medication. If I can only help one family with my own family history, then it has been worth it. ”

Here’s how you can help!

The BILD aid organization “A Heart for Children” supports research for children with cancer in the hope that there will be effective medicine in the future that will prevent deaths in particularly seriously ill small patients.

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