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Turn your mobile into a GameBoy or any old console

Have you ever wanted to play gameboy games but have you not had one in a long time? Android is a great operating system that lets you do a lot of things, including running emulators from certain older consoles. Today we tell you how you can install an application to turn your mobile into a GameBoy, GameBoy Advance o GameBoy Color in an extremely simple way. The two options that we are going to leave you are the best that you can find on the market today in terms of stability and simplicity.

So you can play the GameBoy on an Android mobile

In Google Play there are hundreds of options when we talk about emulators. The variety is immense and the vast majority require special permits, difficult configurations or payments to be able to play quietly. The two emulators that we show you today they don’t have any of thisWhat’s more, they are the opposite.

You just have to download them and enjoy. Of course, since they are applications that are on Google Play, they cannot bypass the rules of the store and do not include games. It’s kind of like buying the console in one place and the games in another. The good news is that you won’t have to pay anything here, both emulators are free.

Jonh GBAC, simplicity as a flag

It is emulator is the best for ease of use. You just have to download it from Google Play and run it. In its first start will search your internal storage for games that you’ve downloaded and it will display them on its home page. You just have to press it and start playing.

Jonh GBAC – Google Play

Of course, you must download GameBoy games from elsewhere. We recommend you search in Google, as there are dozens of reliable pages in which to download this content quickly and for free.

ClassiBoy, more complete and for more consoles

This emulator is another of the best you can download from Google Play. The good news is that when you enter the entire screen is divided into the different consoles that it supports, which are many. It works in a similar way to the previous one, although slightly more complicated.

ClassicBoy – Google Play

You simply have to download the games, enter the emulator and look for them in the internal storage: it does not look for them automatically. In exchange for this you will have more functions, better stability and a payment system that gives you access to more cool features if you want.

You will find games for emulators of this type on the Internet as ROM and there are of all the consoles and all the years. Of course, we recommend search quietly and do not trust all the pages, as these files could infect your device if you download them from untrusted sources.

Now we know how simple it is turn your mobile into a GameBoy of any kind and play thousands of old games without paying a single penny. We recommend you try, because the options are almost endless.

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