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turn your Android into an iPhone with this app

Launchers to make your Android look like an iPhone there are a few, but the one that is reaping the most successes is Phone 12 Launcher. This app accumulates more than 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store and in the last few hours it has become one of the most downloaded apps.

We are going to tell you what it offers and how it works, since this application not only changes the launcher icons and their appearanceInstead, it adds a control center, lock screen, status bar, and notification panel.

A good launcher to imitate iOS 14


Phone 12 Launcher is a launcher to give your Android the look of an iPhone. Go ahead that has advertising and a somewhat aggressive permit system, for its own operation. In order to display items such as the Control Center, the iOS notification bar, and more, need overlay permission on other apps, and to display notifications on a dedicated screen, notifications permission.

Nevertheless, there are permissions that we can deny, such as camera or storage. You don’t need to turn this on for it to work, so the fewer permissions you have the better.

iOS 14, all the news: big redesigns, long-awaited new features and more customization

At the interface level the launcher lets us use our own funds from iOS 14. The icons and animations are very similar to those of the iPhone, with the difference that here we can place applications and folders wherever we want. The Control Center and the notification screen is quite successful, although these elements are overlays on the Android interface itself, so the power consumption of the terminal may be high.

As extras, this launcher has support for own widgets, apart from those of Android, as well as the left panel with shortcuts to functions such as contacts, weather, suggested applications.

Phone 12 Launcher

Phone 12 Launcher

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