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Tuca will leave Tigres, he has already been notified

The intention of the CEMEX top management to continue with Ferretti as coach became doubtful due to certain behaviors of the coach

Ricardo Ferretti has already been notified that he will not be renewed as a Tigres coach. A source close to the Brazilian strategist confirmed to ESPN that he was finally able to meet last night with Mauricio Doehner, President of the CEMEX-Sinergia Deportiva Liaison Committee, agreeing to leave the feline bench at the end of the 2021 Guardians.

The change of position of the leaders towards the continuity of ‘Tuca’ in the team, has been radical in a very short time. A few days after taking office as vice president, Mauricio Culebro, declared on March 16, that the intention was to keep Ferretti as coach, and that it only remained to specify the moment for the signature to be stamped on the renewal of his contract.

“The times have not helped us, the Club World Cup came back, a double date was crossed, the weeks have shortened … The contract is now ready. The idea is three years with annual review, every year-end to review the year and make the decision of what follows ”, assured the leader.

The intention of CEMEX’s senior managers to continue with ‘Tuca’ as coach became doubtful because the behaviors of the experienced helmsman in specific situations were not well viewed, according to information from staff at Sinergia’s offices.

His insistent speech at press conferences in which he claimed to have the ‘word of his board’ to stay in the technical direction of Tigres, leaving only one side that his contract renewal will take place.

The altercation in which he was involved with an amateur, who was evicted from the University Stadium in the game against America, by making words.

The alleged leakage of information to the media seeking to pressure his board to give him a resolution of his case, from which versions of a ‘rout’ of players originated if he did not continue in his position.

Although the determination has been made, the official announcement will be given the term of the participation of Tigres in this tournament, which could already occur with the substitute of ‘Tuca’ tied.

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