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Try the free Android application SoundAssistant for sound control

The truth is that this is not a development to use, we say this because it is integrated into the operating system itself (Settings) and does not work individually. The fact is that with this app you will achieve increase options that you have when it comes to managing everything that has to do with the sound you enjoy. An example of what we say is that it is possible from setting Mono sound to multiplying the number of steps that exist when choosing the volume you enjoy at any time. It reaches no less than 150, a very remarkable amount and which clearly shows that this is well-made software.

In the tests we have carried out we have verified that you will not have any problem In its operation of course now to use it as if it were one more passion of the operating system’s own Settings. Aesthetically, you will not find anything that is very striking, but it is capable of fitting both the new OneUI customization that Samsung uses in its phones and tablets and the previous ones that were present in the devices of the Asian company. By the way, excellent translation that exists of this application, since all the sections are easily identified in SoundAssistant and with explanations that are very well understood.

What you can achieve with SoundAssistant

As we have indicated, the objective is that you find many more options when it comes to adjust exactly how you want the sound you enjoy with your Samsung Galaxy terminal. An example of what we say is that a equalizer very complete and that it is possible to use by means of a floating button that is established on the side of the screen and that is opened by means of gestures. In addition, it is also possible to establish from new operations of the volume buttons even adding custom sections to manage everything you listen to when playing games or even music.

Another of the great additions that SoundAssistant has is what is called Scenarios. These are personalized configurations, in which it is possible to establish execution times up to options such as the type of sound that you want to enjoy, and which are named to identify them and be able to use them simply with a press. You can have as many saved as you want and the truth is that it is really useful for, for example, that you establish possibilities that are the ones you want to enjoy when you go to bed, run an application and even if I use them on headphones with or without noise cancellation.

Get this app

And all this with excellent performance, since we have not found any fault when using SoundAssistant and without the device suffering in terms of performance. An additional detail that we think is very interesting about this app is that you can download it in a free and that its installation is so simple, how to remove it in the event that you are not able to convince what it offers. The truth is that we liked it a lot if you have a device from the Samsung Galaxy range.

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