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Trump’s refusal of digital debate with Biden, said – it’s just a waste of time. america – World

Washington. President Donald Trump has said not to participate in a debate with Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden next week on Digital Presidential Debate. The organizers have announced the debate through digital means as Trump has been infected with Coronavirus. Just moments after the non-party commission that held a debate between presidential candidates announced a change in the schedule, Trump told Fox News, “I don’t waste time arguing with Biden through digital means Going. “The commission announced to conduct a second debate through digital channels as Trump was infected with the Corona virus.

At the same time, doubts have arisen regarding the organization of the event after Trump’s statement, while Biden’s election campaign has promised his candidate to participate in it. “Biden is optimistic about communicating directly to the American public,” Biden’s deputy publicity campaign manager Kate Badingfield said in a statement. The commission said, “Candidates will run from remote locations in far-flung areas , While the operators will remain in Miami.

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The announcement was made a week before Trump and Biden met in Miami.Biden said this when Trump was infected

A week before Trump was confirmed to be infected with the Corona virus. But in a tweet on Tuesday, he said that he was optimistic about arguing with Biden on the stage of Miami. ”It would be fantastic.”

At the same time, Biden said that until the President’s Kovid-19 investigation report is negative, both candidates should not participate in the debate.

Biden told reporters in Pencillavania that he was optimistic about arguing with him, but that “we are going to follow very strict guidelines.”

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Trump was infected by Corona last week
Trump was confirmed to have been infected with Corona virus last Thursday, 48 hours after arguing with Biden in Cleveland. Trump’s infection also raised health concerns for Biden, and he had to undergo several tests of Kovid-19 before going for campaigning.

Despite being discharged from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday, others are at risk of infection from the trump, but the doctors have not given any detailed information about the infection status.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Precaution, patients with mild or moderate symptoms of Kovid-19 can be contagious for at least 10 days and they should remain isolated for so many days.

However, if the debate in Miami is held by digital means, this will not be the first time that candidates will not be in the same place. Earlier, in the third debate between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy in 1960, both candidates were on two shores of America.

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