Trump supporters protest Biden’s victory in Washington

In a Twitter message, Donald Trump spoke of “large crowds” in Ellipse Park not far from the White House, and later even of “hundreds of thousands”: Thousands of supporters of the outgoing US president gathered in Washington on Wednesday. They protested before a session of Congress to confirm the election victory of Democratic opponent Joe Biden.

In the run-up, Trump’s son Eric Trump turned to the crowd and repeated unprovable allegations of alleged election fraud. “Is there anyone here who really thinks Joe Biden won this election?” He asked the demonstrators, who answered with a loud “No”.

“They can lie, they can cheat, they can steal. My father started a movement, and this movement will never, never go under, ”the son of the current president continued.

Over 3,750 Metropolitan Police officers and over 300 members of the National Guard participated in the demonstration. The police had previously asked the protesters not to bring any weapons. Washington has one of the strictest gun laws in the United States. There were also supporters of right-wing extremist groups among the demonstrators.

“We will never give up”

Donald Trump later addressed the crowd and said he would “never recognize” the election victory of his Democratic opponent Joe Biden in the presidential election. “We will never give up,” he continued, and “we will stop the theft.” Trump had repeatedly claimed that the election victory had been “stolen” from him.

Trump also has steps examined that could change the result. Biden had won the election with 306 to 232 votes in the Electoral College and a lead of more than seven million votes of the citizens. There is no evidence of election fraud. Trump’s allegations of alleged manipulation have been refuted.

Even during the session of Congress, before which the demonstrators had gathered, Republican MPs allied with Trump do not want to confirm the result. In addition, Trump urged his deputy Mike Pence immediately before the election results were confirmed in Congress to overturn the result. The Vice President should intervene at the session of Parliament, Trump urged in front of the protesters. “If Mike Pence does what is right, we will win the election,” said Trump. Pence should reject the results and send them back to the states, he said. However, the law only allows pence a ceremonial role at the session of Congress.

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