Trump supporters in the Capitol: Employees save ballot papers from rioters

Trump supporters in the Capitol
Employees save ballot papers from rioters

When angry Trump supporters storm the Capitol, the building is hastily evacuated. Senate employees also succeed in securing important presidential election documents before they can fall into the hands of the rioters.

In the midst of the turmoil in the US Congress, Senate officials have secured documents containing the results of the votes of the electorate in the individual US states, which are the basis for the appointment of future President Joe Biden. “The good news is that one of the staff was very, very quick-witted and able to pick up the polls and get them to safety,” Senator Tammy Duckworth told CBS News.

Senator Jeff Merkley posted a photo of wooden boxes on Twitter and wrote that if staff hadn’t taken the ballot papers, “they would have been burned by the mob.”

The two houses of Congress met on Wednesday to certify the results of the presidential election and to officially confirm the victory of Democrat Biden. The Senate and the House of Representatives unexpectedly interrupted their sessions when supporters of the elected US President Donald Trump broke into the Capitol.

The certification of election results is usually a formality in the USA. For weeks, however, Trump had presented this day of the congressional session – without any basis – as the last chance to overturn the election result. In fact, the election result cannot be shaken.

The formal post-election procedure in the USA stipulates that the results of the electoral votes in the individual states must be read out, counted and finally confirmed in Congress. The certificates record how many votes each candidate received. For security reasons, they are available in multiple versions.

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