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Trump or Biden: What is China’s profit-loss in US elections? | america – World

China’s trade policies are deceitful and manipulative, the Chinese government is insidious and it did not provide timely information about the global pandemic (Covid-19 Pandemic), Chinese tech companies specialize in deception , China on the one hand crushes the voice of democracy in Hong Kong and on the other hand it is bent on wiping out the entire race of minorities in Xinjiang … US favorite villain became China for the last four years. It has happened and you have been hearing such allegations in the last few years.

During the last four years, a special thing has happened that China has become the second superpower in the competition of America. In a way, it has been a polarization of the power of the world. There is a large section in the US to keep the distance between the US and China constantly growing, which believes that during the time of President Donald Trump White House Policies It was such that China emerged as a big enemy. This topic has become very important during the presidential election in America.

On the other hand, during the time of President Xi Jinping, China has aggressively emerged as an extension of the ‘China First’ policies at the expansionist, repressive and diplomatic level. Internationally, on the one hand, China has got its iron and on the other hand, it has also bought enmity with many big forces. Which of the two main contenders Trump and Joe Biden will be the new president? China wise Becomes very important. how? Learn.

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Biden or Trump? Who would China want to see the next US President?

Trump and China: Problem or Hate?
Since 2016, the trade war that Trump waged with China, he has not yet returned to the track, but the relationship and the situation went from bad to worse. During his election campaigns, Trump has clearly beaten the drum that if he becomes president again, he is going to take a more strict stand against China on the business front. Not only business but stress And also front Huh.

thinking : Trump and his administration chief Mike Pompeo have told the forums many times that China is a major enemy of many countries of the world at this time because it is a staunch supporter of ‘Marxist ideology’. Trump also pressured many European countries to limit Chinese tech Huawei.

Treachery : The corona virus outbreak occurred in Wuhan, China, in December last year. After the next two months, it became the face of the epidemic, then the Trump administration blamed China on the international stage for calling it ‘Chinese’ or ‘Wuhan virus’. However, China continues to deny this charge.

Attitude: The Trump administration repeated many times that China does not want a solution. It becomes difficult to understand China’s attitude and what it really wants, because China wants to follow its rude attitude rather than any policy. And such Chinese policy poses a direct threat to American security.

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The US left no stone unturned to surround China on the issue of the epidemic.

Biden and China: Probability or Strictness?
Former Vice-President Joe Biden, during his election campaign, emphasized that if he reaches the White House, Communists will focus on making China an ally in the world economy. According to Biden, because of American policies, the US has lagged behind in terms of production and construction, so its relations with the powers of the region are deteriorating. But many things are happening in America about Biden.

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There is a discussion about the Biden administration that it will not shy away from taking a more strict stand against China. Experts agree That Biden also knows in his mind that Trump has not made the mistake of understanding China properly. On the other hand, Biden himself has said that he will take a tough stand on the human rights and democratic values ​​front. Now the question is, how is China looking at these two contenders?

What will happen if whose president becomes?
In a recent statement, American intelligence said that China wants Trump to lose the election. Same thing Trump himself Have said Not only this, China has made statements against Trump many times during the American election campaign. On the other hand, many experts in China believe that China may be at greater risk if Biden becomes president. “Trump has spoiled relations with allied countries, so Biden is likely to take these countries together and take action against China on a large scale.”

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This was said by quoting a former Chinese trade negotiator. A professor of international relations at a university in Beijing was quoted as saying that Biden could prove to be a strong and effective president against China. They may oppose China in a more clear and planned manner. Author of the book ‘Belt and Road: A Chinese World Order’ Obey Bruno McKay’s So Biden or Trump, whoever becomes the President, the struggle has to go on.

According to Mackayas, China has ruined its image not only in America but in many places in the world. The same thing has been said by the Pew Research Center in a way that it has never happened in history as many countries are disliked by China due to their bigotry and hooliganism, not for the corona virus crisis.

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