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Trump now at “war” with Republicans? Speculation about a multi-million dollar “kingmaker” plan

Even his own party does not support Donald Trump. He cannot forgive the betrayal. And makes threats against leading Republicans.

  • On January 6, Vice President Mike Pence will have to certify the election results – a purely representative act as President of the Senate.
  • The outgoing US president continues to take action against his defeat and increasingly directs his anger against his party colleagues.
  • Trump * and his party seem to be drifting apart.

Update from December 25th, 9 p.m .: Donald Trump is now openly in conflict with parts of the Republican Party – even if he has not yet “declared war” on the “Grand Old Party”, as a US medium headlined (see first report). Still, more current ones are likely Reports from the Trump camp upset the Republicans: Apparently, the outgoing US president is in the process of building his own “apparatus”, possibly also to force unwanted “party friends” out of their electoral positions with the help of massive campaigns.

Trump is about to set human “goals” for them Republican primaries for the Midterm elections in 2020 the portal reported Politico. Trump has already started a five million dollar “lightning campaign” to urge Republican state governments to take further steps against the recognition of the election result. Advisors to the President told the website that Senator Brian Kemp (Georgia), John Thune (South Dakota) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) is already receiving increased attention. However, it is not yet clear whether Trump will try to force her out of office – or from the Republican nomination list – in 2022.

It is also possible that Trump gonna try him well-meaning applicants to recruit specifically for mandates. Politico also wants to have learned from Trump’s environment that the current president wanted to leave after his departure White house play a role as “kingmaker” in the Republican Party, in which he selects “favored candidates”. A separate “Political Action Committee” may be set up for this purpose. In the back, Trump allegedly has a generous budget for this – it is said that 200 million dollars have been raised since the election.

Trump etched against his own party colleagues in his Christmas residence and became personal: “I’ll never forget that”

First report: Washington – Thick air between Donald Trump and the Republican Party. In the past few weeks after the US election 2020 the relationship between the outgoing US president and his own party has deteriorated significantly. This is remarkable insofar as observers attested the party from the so-called Trumpismus to have been absorbed. Until of the „Grand Old Party“ only a skeleton will remain.

That is not necessarily wrong. However, it is also a fact that numerous republican abandoned the sinking ship of the president. The decision of the Republican majority leader was certainly a trumpet blow Mitch McConnell* – and most powerful Republican – the choice of Democrat Joe Biden for the 46th US President to publicly accept.

Donald Trump and the Republicans: Former allies are falling apart – Trump is raging on Twitter

Donald Trump does not seem to forgive his party colleagues for this. The US-Kongress he is currently falling into chaos in the struggle for that Corona aid package. At the crucial for the Republicans Senate election in Georgia * he poses pitfalls by crumbling belief in his own voting voice – while those standing for election Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are in dire need of the votes of Republican voters. And recently did Donald Trump habitually air his anger on Twitter.

“I have at least 8 Republican Senators, including Mitch, saved from defeat in the last rigged election (for the president). Now they sit back (almost all) and watch me fight a crooked and vicious enemy, the radical left democrats. I will never forget that! “

US President wants to destroy careers of Republicans: Senator John Thune from hit list

The tweet comes from December 25th and thus apparently directly from his residence in Mar-a-Lagowhere the Trumps spend Christmas. Yet the Christmas holidays seem to have the mind of the US presidents not to calm down. Rawstory, a US tabloid even headlined: “Trump officially announces the war against them Republican Party* to. ”That the Republicans: inside the Senate * Joe Biden largely accepted as elected US presidents, Trump apparently cannot forgive them.

Especially John Thune, Republican US state senator South Dakota* currently tops Trump’s hit list. The business magazine Forbes and the US online newspaper The Hill wrote that Trump had already announced that he would destroy various political careers. He tweeted about Thune: “South Dakota doesn’t like weakness. He will be removed from office in 2022, his political career is over !!! “Thune had Biden as elected US President recognized and allegations of a corrupt US election * rejected. In 2022, the Midterm elections an.

Vice President Mike Pence: Trump calls on him to reject the result of the electoral body

After numerous legal defeats had Donald Trump himself in his struggle for the US election the senate facing. Hoping one of the Senators will see the outcome of the Electoral body approach. Which has not happened so far. The trumpy hurricane also focuses on the Vice President Mike Pence. As recently reported on CNN, Trump lamented the lack of commitment of his Vice-President against the – unproven – Election fraud of the Democrats. So he called on Pence as Vice – and thus President of the Senate – via Twitter, that Result of the electoral committee on January 6th not to be certified. Which, according to CNN, is simply not possible.

“Pence’s actions today and over the next two weeks will determine whether he’s a front runner for 2024 or a traitor to the patriotic grassroots. It’s that simple, ”tweeted a loyal Trump supporter. Mike Pence* Prospects for a potential Candidate for US President in 2024 and the support of the party-base could take on its role in the handover Joe Biden* thus be permanently damaged.

Trump demands Mike Pence allegiance – he wants to leave the USA in January

According to sources of the US broadcaster, Trump has this proposal Mike Pence submitted – and was “surprised” why his vice could not do that. It is true that Pence and other people tried to show him the merely representative nature of this task – it was apparently unsuccessful. On Tuesday, Pence had last spoken in front of a group of young Conservatives that the White House* proceed against the results until “every illegal vote is eliminated”. This was reported by, among others Washington Post. Nevertheless: on January 6th, 2021 Mike Pence Before congress step and Joe Biden when elected US President to confirm. Shortly thereafter, Pence plans to leave the United States. (aka) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

Donald Trump continues to use his power. Now he pardoned numerous highly controversial people. Explosive: These are participants in the Russia affair and Blackwater mercenaries.

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