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Trump is apparently planning a comeback on social media

According to a close adviser, the former US President Donald Trump wants to speak again soon on social media. After storming the Washington Capitol in early January, several social media operators blocked Trump accounts, including Facebook and Twitter.

Trump adviser Jason Miller now told Fox News that in two to three months the elected president would launch his own social media platform. That will “completely redefine the matter”. This will attract “tens of millions of users”. Miller did not reveal any further details. Trump had intensive meetings with various teams in his vacation home Mar-a-Lago in Florida because of the project. There has been no confirmation from Trump so far.

Twitter and Facebook had punished Trump for inciting violence. Both companies are considering how they should generally deal with politicians’ accounts. Facebook had asked an independent supervisory body to decide how long the ban should apply to Trump.

The former US president was best known for his messages on Twitter. Most recently, he had almost 90 million followers there.

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