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Trump claims – I have won the first debit, CPD said – will change the format of the debate. america – World

Washington. US President Donald Trump has claimed that he won the first presidential debate on Tuesday night against his Democratic rival Joe Biden. He not only described Biden as weak but also said that he is ready to have a lot of fun in the coming debates. On the other hand, the Commission on Presidential Debate (CPD) has said that they are going to change the format of the debate soon.

The first of three debates for the presidential race was held in Cleveland, Ohio. A day after the debate, Trump told reporters at the White House on Wednesday, “By all means, we won the debate easily last night.” Both the camps have declared victory. Trump said, ‘I think he (Biden) was very weak. He was making noise. We won the debate in almost every election that I have fought. If you look at the various elections, we have won every one of them.

In response to questions, Trump said he was waiting for the other two debates in Florida and Tennessee. He said, ‘I have no qualms in arguing with him. I think he wants to avoid arguments. I do not know. He only knows this.Proud boys mentioned again

In response to questions about the fierce right-wing group ‘Proud Boys’, Trump said he should step back and come forward in time (stand back and stand by). He said that he does not know who they are and will let law enforcement agencies do their work. He said, ‘I don’t know who the’ proud boys’ are. I mean, you have to tell me, because I really don’t know who they are. I can only say that they have to withdraw, they should let the law enforcement agency do their work.

There will be a change in the format of the presidential debate
On the other hand, the Commission on Presidential Debate (CPD), the official debate body of the US President, has said that it is seriously considering adding additional things to the debate format to ensure a proper debate on the issues. The first official debate took place on Tuesday night between President Donald Trump and Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden in Cleveland, Ohio, conducted by Fox News presenter Chris Wallace.

During this debate, the two candidates lashed out at each other’s families, which made the debate seem stray and chaotic. CPD said in a statement on Wednesday: “Last night’s debate has proved that the remaining debate needs to be added to its format to ensure that there is an accurate debate on the issues.”

CPD said that it is seriously considering the changes and will announce it soon. CPD said that he is grateful to Chris Wallas for the professional skills and skills he showed during the debate. The ‘Trump propaganda campaign’ has opposed the CPD’s statement.

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