Trump and First Lady surprisingly return to Washington on New Year’s Eve

DHe’s elected US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania surprisingly spend New Years in Washington. The two should leave Florida on Thursday morning (local time), earlier than planned, according to the daily program published by the White House. Trump will not be present at the New Year’s party in his club resort Mar-a-Lago, although guests would have expected this, US media reported. The White House did not give reasons for the early departure.

The TV broadcaster CNN reported that Trump had been in an “irritable mood” since his arrival in Florida a week ago – not only because of losing the presidential election, but also because of renovations in Mar-a-Lago, which his wife largely did supervised.

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Donald Trump

Trump still does not recognize the election victory of his Democratic opponent Joe Biden and tries to continue to challenge the results in the individual states. He presents himself as a victim of massive electoral fraud, for which neither he nor his lawyers have produced any solid evidence.

Dozens of lawsuits have been thrown out of the courts. The results will be officially read out in the US Congress on Wednesday (January 6). Some Republicans are planning a disruptive action that could drag the process a little longer.

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