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Truck driver rioted at truck stop – 40-ton truck rammed six cars

Bad Rappenau (Baden-Wuerttemberg) – Drunk and aggressive – a truck driver rioted at a truck stop near the A6 (Heilbronn district) and rammed six cars. Six people were injured.

The police emergency number received several calls. The rescue workers were presented with a wreckage of battered cars.

Policemen struggled to arrest the lashing truck driver. One ambulance after the next sped to the scene of the accident.

Police chief inspector Michael Phillipp (55) from the Heilbronn police headquarters told BILD on Monday evening: “Everything happened around 6.47 pm. The person who caused the accident had probably drunk alcohol before his act. The first colleagues at the crime scene noticed that. A blood sample will now be taken. Before the man from Romania rammed the cars, there should have been an argument with another driver. Why is still unclear. “

According to BILD information, the trucker is said to have pushed his trailer from Romania loaded with two tractors back and forth several times. He is also said to have tried to pull another truck driver out of the cab and threatened him with a fork.

Chief Inspector Phillipp: “The colleagues on site are now investigating. Fortunately, the injured have not been more severely affected. Some of them went into shock. “

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