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Truck driver drunk in the ditch – 3.2 per thousand – miss the KNAPP exit!

This truck delivery did not arrive at its destination.

A truck driver near Koblenz turned completely wrong on Wednesday afternoon and got stuck in a ditch on the A61. No wonder: he was dead drunk!

Witnesses had previously observed the 49-year-old driving serpentine lines for several kilometers. According to initial findings, the man had left the road at the Koblenz / Dieblich (Rhineland-Palatinate) exit and got into a meadow, the police said.

The driver then engaged reverse gear and hit the guardrail, where the tractor-trailer truck got stuck in the soft ground.

A breath alcohol test showed: more than 3.2 per thousand!

After a blood sample was taken, he was released from the hospital. The truck was towed away and traffic at the exit was hindered until the evening hours because of the clean-up work.

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