With the passage of age or weight gain, A lump of fat usually appears in the chin area that is not at all aesthetic. We show you some tricks and exercises to slim the double chin, also known as submental fat.

This is a fairly common problem. Women take great care of our appearance and the presence of a double chin is something that causes us great concernespecially thinking that we can never get rid of it.

Losing the double chin is possible if we are constant and disciplined in some habits. In less time than we think this unpleasant lump will disappear, but, as we explained to you, we must be rigorous with our purpose.

Tricks to slim down the double chin

Food is key in our fight for thinning the double chin, especially because it appears to accumulate extra kilos.

We recommend eating 4 servings of greens and / or vegetables and servings of fruit a day. During the process ahead of you Forget about the so-called junk food or junk.

On the other hand, you should not avoid fats, but you should make sure they are healthy. Eat lean proteins like those found in red meat and fish; reduce the consumption of sugar, salt and alcohol.

Another important point to slim your double chin is to drink plenty of water. A minimum of 8 glasses and one in a complete fast is suggested.

The ingredients that also add to the list of what to avoid are dairy, as well as carbohydrates and ultra-processed ones.

You will see how, as your weight goes down, you can also slim your double chin. We are talking about a possible challenge. So do not be discouraged and fight this problem by following all the tricks that we have revealed to you to the letter.

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