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Triathlon around the world – the endurance

Only about 1,600 kilometers on the bike, then Jonas Deichmann (34) is home again – after exactly 120 triathlons that have taken the IT experts via Croatia to Siberia and Mexico,

It is only a day’s stage to the Spanish metropolis of Barcelona. The sky is overcast. Twelve degrees. Drizzle. Jonas Deichmann (34) still smiles over his bicycle handlebars. He is happy: “Today is an early end of work. Then it’s only 1,600 kilometers to Munich. ”

In the Bavarian capital, Deichmann wants to realize his dream in eight days – circumnavigating the world by triathlon!

The Ironman distance – 3.8 kilometers swimming, 180 kilometers cycling and a marathon (42.195 kilometers) – Jonas Deichmann will have completed around 120 times on his journey. “I’m not interested in pure performance. Then I could run around. I want to see something, ”he says before waving his bike up a range of hills in the Spanish province of Tarragona.

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In the next town, the extreme athlete heads for a bakery. “I need around 6000 calories a day. It doesn’t matter what – it has to taste good, ”says Jonas. He orders a cheese baguette, apple pie and white coffee.

At breakfast, the athlete from Pforzheim (Ba.-Wü.) explains his career. “After studying business administration, I worked in an IT company. So I quit. ”Too boring. Deichmann founds a solo company. His only product: himself. “I set long-distance world records on my bike, rode 23,000 kilometers from North to South America.” He also gave motivational lectures.

The trip

On September 26th last year he started his most difficult project to date – financed by sponsors and a contribution of almost EUR 10,000. At first he rode his bike across the Alps to Croatia.

In Karlobag he sends his vehicle ahead by post, swapping racing suits for wetsuits. Swim away. On a raft, he pulls his equipment (clothing, sanitary articles, sleeping mat) behind him. It goes along the Adriatic coast. 456 kilometers. “After this experience, swimming is no longer an option for me. Incalculable – currents, boats, animals, ”says Deichmann. He brushes a few biscuits out of his beard, says: “This one was good against jellyfish.”

The break is over. Deichmann gets on his bike. Two hours later he stops at a gas station. “I notice that Corona is now playing a bigger role again,” says the globetrotter. He takes off his mask, eats three chocolate bars and says: “In Turkey I was stuck for two months in winter due to the corona. I had to give up my southern route through Asia and switched to Russia. “

Then it goes on. Keep up. Also – or especially because it is not far to the goal.

At dusk, Jonas Deichmann finally reaches the Sagrada Família cathedral. “For me, Barcelona is the largest city since Mexico City. The country was my absolute highlight, ”says Deichmann when I next take my calories in a tapas bar. “In Mexico I ran 120 marathons in 117 days.”

In Tijuana, on the border with the USA, he ran off. On his head is a baseball cap with the lettering of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company from the hit movie “Forrest Gump”. Deichmann, the German Forrest Gump, quickly becomes a folk hero.

“I ran with a police escort, was accompanied by Narcos (note: member of the drug mafia). And from La Coqueta. ”The dog ran 120 kilometers behind Jonas Deichmann, slept next to his tent.

Today he doesn’t sleep in nature, stays with a friend. What does he look forward to when he has finished his journey? “A large portion of Maultaschen and my bed,” says the single, who will stay with a friend in Munich for the first time. He couldn’t take a long rest anyway. Jonas Deichmann: “My book (title: ‘The limit is just me’) is coming out. To do this, I am traveling through Germany. “

And then he’s already preparing his next project. “It’s still a secret,” says Deichmann. Only one thing is clear: “It’s about persevering again.”

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