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Tri Sub 24 in Tokyo 2020: Between the paper and another fairy tale

83 days after the debut of the Mexican Soccer Team at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, this team is shrouded in uncertainty.

France, Japan and South Africa, in that order, will be the rivals of the Tri that was crowned in the Pre-Olympic of Guadalajara without shine and going through some difficulties against teams of poor quality.

Nobody doubts that there is a good base of footballers that will be strengthened with the three reinforcements over 24 years of age who accompany Tri to the summer fair; however, this is not a guarantee of success and the closest test is at Rio 2016.

Mexico arrived with great expectations and even with the tag of favorite because four years before the gold was hung in London 2012; What’s more, even with Raúl Gutiérrez at the helm, the World Champion coach with the Sub 17 … The role was great when he was left out at the first change.

True, El Tri fulfilled at home by getting one of the two tickets to the Olympic Games, but beyond the results against teams of a very poor level -including the United States that was left out by sending their C team-, the team’s actions were far from being ideal.

The Americanist Sebastián Córdova stood out, who is together with Carlos Rodríguez, from Monterrey, the best footballer of this group headed by Jaime Lozano.

And precisely around the technician there are some questions, because despite the fact that he is a prepared young man, his experience is minimal directing, except for the passage through Querétaro where he did not do well, and then he arrived at Tri under the protection from a friend and old acquaintance, Gerardo Torrado.

In the traditional predictions before a great joust, Mexico is expected to tie or lose with France and win its commitments to Japan and South Africa. That would be more than enough to get through the Group Stage.

France is not only favorite of the group, but also to fight for the title; Suffice it to say that he could afford to set up a team with Kylian Mbappé, who gives the age, although this will hardly be possible because the Eurocup is also played before, where the World Champion will go with his gala team.

Japan is the host and not only does it have such support, it is also a competitive team that has had even duels with El Tri in neutral territory. You’ll be home with what that entails, so it’s not a bearer check at all.

And finally South Africa, which is anyone’s guess. Lozano himself confessed that he did not know anything about this team, but he would put to work to soak up as much as possible of his third rival in Tokyo, where he can most likely play a ticket to the second phase of the Olympic Games.

So things must be taken with caution when it comes to the Sub 24, who is just as close to another piece of paper as in Rio 2016 or a fairy tale, inspired by the golden glow of London 2012.

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