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Trendy lipsticks and eyeshadows for brown skin this spring

A new season in fashion is coming and trends are updated from head to toe, without exaggeration, because The makeup industry has already said what will be the lipsticks, eyeshadows and tricks that all women should handle these days.

Especially if they are about brunettes then there are certain specific shades that will allow you to highlight your attributes and look very pretty this spring.

Lipsticks and makeup shadows in trend for brunettes

Lipsticks in orange tones

If brunettes have something, it is the opportunity to play freely with the color palette of copper in the eyes and orange in the lips as it creates an attractive harmony with your natural tan.

For this spring choose corals, coffees and mandarins, both in their matte and lip gloss versions as they will help you create different looks. You will see how they immediately give you a youthful, fresh and elegant touch, both during the day and at night.

Golden shadows

Surely you have heard it before but it is that among the makeup rules It is very well established that brunettes look beautiful with golden, earthy and dark tones because they bring out the color of their eyes.

Experts invite you to step out of the comfort zone of matte finish shadows and lean better for those with metallic sparkles, hints of glitter and glitter to attract all eyes.

Pink, purple, blue and orange they are also recommended for you.

Funny outlines in makeup

And one of the trends they can’t escape from is colored eyeliners. that are still very present in 2021, after a year where they were all the rage even with outlines on the eyelid and more unique shapes.

Yes indeed, remember that they will be the protagonists of your look so you must be cautious with eye shadows to combine, as well as in the rest of the makeup.

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